Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Miracles come when you least expect them!

Here is a simple yet effective layout using Filters, Color adjustments and Blend Modes.

Papers and Materials I created (enjoy receiving a WIDE variety of these fun Materials and Textures at my NEXT Simply Digital Design Class! :0)
Family Life Digital Kit from CM
Ashby Baby Kits from CM
Rusty Door Hinge Freebie
Vintage Note Paper Freebie
  • Firstly, I added a "paper" I created. (A photo of an old vintage book cover).  Stretched to make a 12x12 square.
  • I then added a photo of a piece of cotton fabric, (right out of the dryer all crinkled and worn) on top and dropped the Opacity to soften it.
  • I wanted the photo to blend right in, color and all. SO... firstly I added the photo, I then added a soft Glow Effect (Diffuse Glow Filter - found in the Format Ribbon).
  • I then went up to the Cut and Fill Ribbon and selected the Straight Cutter option.  I used the Blended edge (Note: you can stretch out the cutting lines to achieve a more blended effect).  I blended all of the edges exposed on the layout (this in my opinion gives a more polished look than simply using the Soften Edge Filter, however, sometimes that is all you need).
  • In addition I then went to the Color Ribbon and adjusted the Colors using the "Adjust Hue" option.  I went to green, then softened it by dragging the saturation to the left and the intensity to the right.
  • To complete the layout I added the "vintage note paper" freebie. the "Rusty Door Hinge" freebie and elements from Creative Memories New Ashby Baby Series and Family Life Embellishments.

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  1. Gorgeous as always1 And thanks for the ddetailed instructions.