Friday, September 30, 2011

Sadly... Laptops DO Crash...

Well... worst nightmare has come true... my laptop CRASHED ahhhhh... I will be out of comission for a bit until my laptop is up and running again... let's hope those geniuses at Apple truly are... geniuses...=0) Boo Hoo NO designs for a bit!!! Thanks for your patience!  Luckily I have taken the time to back up A LOT of my stuff... with the exception of some recent - crucial projects sniffle... but... it is definitely a learning experience... BACK UP - BACK UP - BACK UP!!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pure Baby Layout - Find some of the designs used to create this layout below!

Here is a fun layout utilizing some vintage/modern artwork.  (some of which I am working on for a new collection).  The Paper in the background is a scan of a VERY distressed piece of paper - burnt along the edges, bent, folded, torn etc...  
The flowers are of my own design.  
Add your own choice of background. 
place your photo in the Baby Frame (available below).  
Add your journaling - flowers of choice - a little stitching and the Love Watermark (also found below)!  Have Fun!

Word Art - "Love" watermark Enjoy!!

Pure Baby Framed Border! Hope you Like :0)

An Oldie... But Goodie :) Perhaps you have this frame from Waaay Back! I have had requests to re-post it... so here it is again with a twist! Enjoy!