Saturday, January 29, 2011

JUST BE - My NEW Favorite Layout!! ;0) - Using Grunge Mask #2

Once again - This Layout utilizes several pieces of one of my 1st EVER Digital Kits (coming soon) Please Read my "I Love you Always and Forever" post for more details.  

  • My son looks SO much older than 6 in this photo (a little scary :0 - I have to add)!  But... I just LOVE the colors in this photo and his expression - well - priceless - My Little Rocker - all he needs is a guitar ha ha!  What a CUTIE!!!!

Grunge Mask #2 My Fave!! Hope you find a great photo to pop into this one!!!

I Love You Always and Forever - Using Grunge Mask #1

In addition to using the Grunge Mask to complete this layout I have used several pieces from my first Digital Kit (still in the works) :0)!  
  • Many of you have asked when the kits will be available.  First of all THANK YOU for asking!!
  • I am working on them - trust me - :0) along with developing my new Site/Blog, digital kits, tutorials etc... I am also incredibly busy raising my 8 month old, my 6 year old, running a business amongst other "stuff" ha ha!  Soooooo all I can say... is... I am just as excited (probably more so LOL) than you for them to be released!!!  I thank you for hangin' in there!  As soon as I have a launch date set I will be posting the info here with GREAT excitement!!!
  • THANK YOU so VERY much for your support here and on my "Simple Pleasure Designs by Jennifer Fehr" Facebook page!

Grunge Mask #1 HAVE FUN with this one!!


I love this photo of my oldest!  This layout emphasizes his bubbly, bouncy attitude!  A simple yet effective layout to draw out the personality of this fantastic shot of him!  
  • BTW - I will have more to come in the way of future tutorials on how to create this super fun lettering!!  
  • For now... check out your gradient options in the Cut and Fill ribbon.  For each letter - create a separate text box, shift the lettering up, down etc... until you have them positioned where you desire them to be.
  • Flatten each letter in order to enlarge them, fill them with two tone colored gradients etc... here you can experience with different gradients - don't forget to scroll down to the very last row - my favorite is the second from the left :0)
  • After filling with two tone color gradients - play with your 3D filter found in the Format Ribbon under Filters. I set all 3 sliders all the way over to the right for maximum Bounce!
  • You can even create your own "faux" stitching!!  More to come on this technique later ;0)
  • Have fun with the bouncy border freebie!

Bouncy Border Freebie for YOU! Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Beautiful Moment.

This Layout is definitely a reflection of a VERY beautiful moment between my boys!  My ABSOLUTE favorite photo of them together! 
  • As you can see - this layout shares an example of the Flower and Word Art freebies in use.  These can be used beautifully on Black as shown here, or if you prefer -  they will look fantastic on white or a vivid color would work very well too!
  • If you like the Photo Mask and Frame used here... keep an eye out for them... ;0)  I will post them soon!

A Beautiful Moment Word Art Freebie for YOU! ENJOY!

A FUN hand drawn Black and White flower freebie... Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Here are some Photo Masks I designed months ago...

There have been requests from some of my viewers for me to re-post these for you!  If you don't have them... here is your chance to get em'  Enjoy!!! :)  
  • Below is a layout showcasing one of these masks in use.  When importing a photo into a mask you may need to adjust the photo by cropping it from the top left as it will typically fill from this position - top left and down.  In fact sometimes I find I may need to crop the photo 3 or 4 times before it fills the mask correctly or to my desire!  
  • TIP: Just right click on your desired photo in the photo panel and select "make a copy of this photo" this way you can play with a copy rather than the original - Also you may want to use this photo again on a separate layout in its original state!  
  • Then - select the mask - go back to the desired photo - right click and select "fill selected element with photo"   Woila!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone! "Simply Whimsical" Tag Freebie!

Happy New Year everyone!  I have had a wonderful Christmas Season with Family, I trust you have as well :0)  A wee bit of a blur... but wonderful never-the-less :0)

I have been busy, busy continuing to set up my NEW Blog/Website which is yet to come!  I have some great plans for teaching you, my dear viewers, some great new Tips and Techniques; along with making my creations available to you in my "Simply Wonderful" Digi Kits... it has been my dream for some time now to create my own digital designs and now this dream is coming true!!  Thank you for your continued support and PATIENCE!!  This is all so NEW to me!  BUT... I am loving the learning process ha ha! 

In the meantime  I hope you enjoy just a little TASTE with this cute little Tag, that will correspond with one of my VERY first Digital Kits: "Simply Whimsical"!  Soooo EXCITING!