Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Baby Layout - Using the Whimsical Flowery Overlay, The Whimsical Baby Word Art and Blue Distressed Paper freebies!

  • For this layout begin by placing the blue distressed paper (free here on my blog) in the background
  • Secondly add your photo and enlarge it to nearly the entire size of your layout.  
  • Use the Blended Edge located in the Cut and Fill Ribbon found in the drop down menu under Straight Cutter to achieve this look with your photograph.
  • Blend the edges along the top, left and bottom - place the cutter on your page and then align, invert etc... in order to blend these particular edges.
  • When blending - use your mouse to drag the perforated line (choose the line on the outside of the shaded area) away from the cutter allowing for about half an inch - the shaded area will blend about 85% and the vacant area will blend about 50% (very approximate ;0).
  • After you have successfully blended these edges (it may even take 2 cuts per side).  Select the photo and with the Curves Tool in your Colour Ribbon - adjust the Curve up toward the top left corner.  Now, choose the Hue Tool and drop the Saturation Slider to the left until satisfied with the effect (This action removes the orange tones, created by adjusting the curve, from the photo).
  • Now slide the intensity towards the right until happy with result.
  • You could also work with the Opacity of the photo in the Format Ribbon, as well, until achieving the result you are looking for. 
  • Working with the colour ribbon can give you fantastic results - it just takes a little play time to get it right!
  • Now add the Whimsical Flowery Overlay and Baby Word Art (free here on my blog).
  • Have Fun!


  1. Jennifer, this layout is absolutely gorgeous! How artistic you are! Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous designs, and for the wonderful freebies! Bless you!

  2. You are so very welcome! Thank you June!

  3. Thank you Jennifer for the ideas and designs!! I love your style! I have asked this before but I don't remember what you said but how do you get the freebies onto the creative memories program to use them? Thanks again Jennifer!