Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Precious Girl Layout!

Thank you firstly to Sabina Akers for the use of this adorable Photo!  She is SUCH a little cutie!!

  • This Layout was a fun one to create - All of the elements were created by hand and several of them are posted as freebies below!  I hope you enjoy them! 
  • Others are elements I have been working on for inclusion in my own personal Digital Kits!
  • If you like the photo mask used here - wink wink - just sign up for my Digital Design Classes to receive exclusive collections made especially for attendees!  This is just one of many I have planned for inclusion in my first Digi Design Class Gift for the 23rd of February!


  1. You have to tell me more about your digital design class, where can I find the information. I love this layout!!!! And thanks for you wonderful freebies

  2. Thanks SO very much Miranda!! I don't think you are in the Edmonton area are you... I am thinking you aren't even in Canada ha ha?? :0) I am teaching them from my home :0(!! I will eventually be putting up my classes as tutorials and webinars on my site though!!!! I will forsure let everyone know when I get there ha ha!! AND You are VERY welcome!!!

  3. If only I lived closer, would love to be in Canada!!!! Such a shame. I will have to wait for the tutorials or webinars.

    And you are right I am in The Netherlands, probably to far away!!!